Can Visitors Be Trusted in Parks Without Staffing?

Can Visitors Be Trusted in Parks Without Staffing?

Note: I despise government shutdowns as ways to deal with political issues. So much money is wasted (invisibly) shutting down and starting up, so many people inside and out have their work and personal lives disrupted. So I understand why people want to write stories about how bad it is. Still..

In the Colorado Springs Gazette, I ran across a summary that mentioned this Time article.

Here are a couple of quotes:

Fullerton warned of possible dangers to visitors and local law enforcement, who may be deployed to parks with rangers on furlough. He also cited potential for serious damage to the parks themselves.

“If someone falls, gets lost or has any issue in a National Park or wildlife refuge, they’re on their own,” Fullerton tweeted.

In addition to possible dangers for police and visitors, Fullerton also cited the potential for major damage to the parks themselves.

“[Keeping parks open] also puts our parks at risk. No one to protect against damaging sensitive habitats, landscapes or historic sites. And trash will be a serious problem that will damage our public lands,” Fullerton wrote.

It looks like Time must troll Twitter accounts looking for news. An ex-Interior person in charge of Digital Strategy?

I know that the National Parks are “America’s best idea” and iconic, and so on, but many visitors who go to National Parks also visit BLM (another Interior agency) and Forest Service land. I’m not saying that there are no problems- as readers here know- anything but. Still 24/7, 365 days per year most by acres federal lands are absolutely open to anyone and millions of people use them without “damaging sensitive habitat or landscapes” and pack out their own trash.

This news item reminded me how amazing it is that in the 21st Century, we have federal lands that are open to the public for free, with relatively little external observation by law enforcement, and expect people to be careful, and behave responsibly. And incredibly, mostly, it works.


via The Smokey Wire : National Forest News and Views

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