IUFRO Spotlight #63 – What’s in the future for Non-Timber Forest Products?

IUFRO Spotlight #63 – What’s in the future for Non-Timber Forest Products?


Non-timber forest products are used for myriad purposes, providing cultural, social, and economic functions around the world. People harvest and use these products for food, medicine, arts and crafts, and religious and cultural rituals.

This report speaks specifically to the situation in the United States and shows that non-timber forest products are significant to a large segment of the population. They contribute significantly to local, regional, and national economies and require management similar to other natural resources, particularly timber.

"But other countries can also use it to help inform and shape policies that balance sustainable use and conservation of their natural resources, alongside ensuring benefits for harvesters and producers," says Dr. James Chamberlain of the U.S. Forest Service and one of the report’s authors. He is also a Deputy Coordinator of the IUFRO Research Group on Non-wood forest products.

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via IUFRO News https://www.iufro.org/

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