WUWT Camp Fire Relief Fund — THANK YOU!

WUWT Camp Fire Relief Fund — THANK YOU!


Quick Note from Kip Hansen

thank_you_420thank_you_420LATE BREAKING NEWS:  In a surprise gesture,  Mark Steyn has mentioned this fund raiser on his blog.   Thus we are opening up donations again, and will direct them a little more broadly in Paradise.

Donations are still being accepted at:   WUWT Camp Fire Relief

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As President of the Family-to-Family Project, I want to thank each and every one of you who have donated,  and even those of you who just wished that you  had been able to donate, for the immediate urgent relief of those friends and family in the Paradise area who lost their homes and possessions in the horrendous firestorm that was the Camp Fire of 2018.

Thanks to all of you, we raised just over $30,000 in 72 hours  — and it has all gone out to help families with their immediate needs.   We are no longer asking for or accepting donations.  [ If you wish to help the victims of the Camp Fire, I recommend giving to the American Red Cross  or the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund.]

There is no way we could have could have raised enough money to replace families’ homes or cars, but we were able to help them with food, shelter, clothing and other urgent day-to-day needs.   Your donations are continuing to help them as they get their lives back together.  Anthony Watts has been working heroic hours to get help to employees, friends and neighbors.

And now, a word from Anthony Watts, writing from Chico, California:

First I want to thank Kip Hansen for setting this up. He did so without being asked or even without my knowledge, and his effort has been a true humanitarian gesture. As many of you have already heard, my employees were directly affected. Two lost their homes completely, and one of those two had all of her family members (mother, sister, ex-husband) lose their homes. One employee home has damage, and won’t be able to return for weeks, another was evacuated, and finally was allowed back in last Thursday night, but found appliances damaged due to PG&E power hits, and found burnt embers on the deck. It was that close.

This fund has helped all of them; I describe the need, and Kip sends relief funds directly to the people in need. I thank all of you from the very bottom of my soul for your help in helping them. My own livelihood has been seriously threatened, but by easing the burden for people that support me, it is helping me too.

As for myself, I’m OK, aside from stress and some smoke inhalation issues that had me down this weekend, but I’ll be better with some rest. Next week has big challenges.

I also gratefully thank Charles Rotter for stepping in to manage WUWT while I get things in order again. He’s doing a great job. – Anthony Watts


The Big Boys in the disaster recovery business have now been able to get set-up in near-by Chico in an ex-Sears department store — FEMA and  California’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) are swinging into action now.

So, for now, I just want to say once more:


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Author’s Comment Policy:

The response to this humanitarian need was terrific and far exceeded my expectations — it was a heartening experience and has increased my respect for the readership here.

One last time:  THANK YOU! 


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