I’m still settling in and I do things differently from Anthony, so to give you all the best experience, I need you to work with me.

If any you want to tell me anything that needs attention or action, use the feedback or submit a story forms.  I do not read all, or even most comments. The volunteer moderators do an excellent job and I put my squirrel-like snippets of attention elsewhere.

If you see someone using comments to get ahold of me, reply to them and tell them to use the feedback form.  Thank you.

I will read all the feedback and story submissions.  That is how I hear from you.  That is how you get my attention.

There is currently a backlog of submissions and feedback.  I’m going to go back and deal with everything from 11/9/18 forward.

If you have something that was ignored before that date, send it again.  Of course that’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want, but at least you know I will see it.

I know I can be brusque.  I can also be funny.  I can even be kind.  Who knows what the wheel will bring on the next spin?

Most of all, I hope it will be entertaining. ~ctm



Superforest,Climate Change

via Watts Up With That?

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