BC Climate Action Enthusiast Accidentally Demonstrates the Need for Reliable Energy

BC Climate Action Enthusiast Accidentally Demonstrates the Need for Reliable Energy


Greenhouse Experiment

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon – A British Columbia climate enthusiast had to abort his attempt to live off oxygen produced by plants in a sealed plastic container, when cloudy weather prevented sufficient photosynthesis to replenish his air.

Why this B.C. man sealed himself in an airtight plastic cube for 14 hours

YouTuber Kurtis Baute says he wanted to teach people the ‘base science concepts surrounding climate change’

CBC Radio · October 26

Spending 14 hours inside an airtight plastic cube with rapidly rising carbon dioxide levels left Kurtis Baute feeling a little loopy.

“It feels physically like the air is a little bit thicker, and that’s partly because it is more massive and also because it’s building up inside your body,” the B.C. scientist and YouTuber told As It Happens guest host Megan Williams.

“And it also slows your mind down. So I felt a little bit out of it and it was kind of harder to focus and harder to do higher-order decision making. It was kind of wild to feel that happen.”

He live-tweeted the experience under the hashtag #KurtisInAJar.

“I think that people really don’t understand climate change because they don’t even understand what the air is made of. And you know what? It’s not their fault,” Baute said.

He originally planned to stay in the cube for three days, banking on his plants to absorb most of the CO2 and keep him safe.

But cloudy weather meant the plants couldn’t do their job, and he had to emerge early.

Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-thursday-edition-1.4878032/why-this-b-c-man-sealed-himself-in-an-airtight-plastic-cube-for-14-hours-1.4878037

If only Baute had set up some reliable, fossil fuel powered grow lights to his sealed plastic cube, his plants might have received the nourishing light they needed to regenerate his air, allowing him to successfully complete his three day experiment.

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