Supreme Court Intervenes in Children’s Climate Change Court Case

Supreme Court Intervenes in Children’s Climate Change Court Case

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Justice John Robert of the US Supreme Court has stepped in and temporarily halted the Children’s Climate Lawsuit, pending resolution of a Government application to have the case dismissed.

The Supreme Court stepped in to stall a climate lawsuit. That’s really weird.

It’s the second time the high court has paused a climate change-related case.

By Umair Irfan
Oct 23, 2018, 8:30am EDT

One of the biggest legal battles over climate change is now in limbo pending a decision from the Supreme Court’s chief justice, who last week took the odd step of halting the lawsuit to consider a stay.

The suit, Juliana v. US, also known as the children’s climate lawsuit, was first filed in 2015 and now includes 21 plaintiffs between the ages of 11 and 22, including Sophie Kivlehan, 20, who happens to be the granddaughter of the famed climate scientist James Hansen. The case argues that the US government undertook policies that contributed to climate change, thereby causing irreparable harm to young people and denying them a safe climate. As relief, they want the government to pursue policies to keep warming in check.

The trial was supposed to begin at the United States District Court in Oregon on October 29. But on Thursday, the defendant, the US government, asked for a stay of the case, arguing the costs of litigation would put an undue burden on it. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts granted a temporary stay and halted discovery until Wednesday to allow the plaintiffs to respond.

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I hope this intervention leads to a speedy resolution of the lawsuit.

The participants I feel sorry for in all this are the kids fronting the lawsuit, who in my opinion are being used as political pawns by the unscrupulous adults who put them up to this ridiculous climate court case.

Being a teenager is difficult enough without having the adults in your life exploit your childhood to further their own political schemes.

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