IUFRO News Vol. 47, Issue 9, early October 2018

IUFRO News Vol. 47, Issue 9, early October 2018


Root and stem rots cause extensive damage and economic loss to trees globally. At the joint IUFRO Working Party 7.02.01 Root and Stem Rots & LIFE+ ELMIAS Ash and Elm Conference (IUFRO-LIFE) in Uppsala and Visby, Sweden, many presentations seemed to confirm an increasing problem with root and stem rots possibly as a result of human activities, choice of tree species and climate change.

The 2018 joint symposium of Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management (SFEM) and multipurpose inventory held in Sun Moon Lake, Nantou, China-Taipei, showcased multiple inventory techniques and management science methods to preserve the forest ecosystem for future generations.

At the "Cool Forests at Risk?" conference in Laxenburg, Austria, participants tried to raise more attention to the often dramatic challenges that boreal and mountain forests are facing. After all these "cool" forests will play an important role in meeting future climate goals.

The announcements section has a lot of interesting publications to offer, among others a booklet compiling short biographical stories of the Honorary Members of IUFRO since 1953. You will also find information about opportunities for young researchers, as offered by IUFRO-EFI Young Scientists Initiative, for example, and, of course, a list of upcoming events, courses, etc.

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