Hambacher Forest needs your solidarity

Hambacher Forest needs your solidarity


Activists have been protecting the Hambach forest with their presence and their bodies. Six years ago they started buildung tree houses to occupy the forest. Now, as the situation escalates and police carry out evictions to make way for the loggers, the people defending Hambi have called for international solidarity.

So let’s send the protesters on the frontlines a powerful message of hope and support. Let’s help them stay strong, and stay safe: the more eyes focused on the Hambi struggle, the more the authorities might hesitate to use violence against the peaceful resistance.

Show your support, sign the letter in solidarity with people defending Hambi!

About three weeks ago, the government of Northrhine-Westphalia ordered the police to start the eviction of Hambach Forest. Since then, the largest part of the stunningly beautiful treehouses built by climate activists over the past years, has been forcefully destroyed. One person died in a tragic accident.

At the same time, the opposition to the evictions and RWE’s disastrous plans to clearcut the forest has continuously grown – in Germany and around the world.

The number of participants in the weekly forest walksorganised by a local citizen grew from 500 in the end of August to 10.000 in September. On October 6 even more people are expected to join a demonstration organized by NGOs.

After the tragic death of a journalist in the Forest, activists in Germany and abroad were holding vigils. Last Sunday, Thousands have visited the site of the accident expressing their condolence. French activists have lighted the lighthouse at la ZAD in his honour. In addition, vigils have been held across Europe – for example in Berlin,, Brussels and London.

At the same time, Aktion Unterholz has organized mass actions of civil disobedience to support the people occupying the Forest over the past weeks. On October 6 there will be a joint action of mass civil disobedience with Ende Gelände.

In Berlin, activists from Ende Gelände occupied the representation of Northrhine Westphalia in order to call for a stop of the evictions carried out by the Northrhine Westphalian government. Activists from 350.org participated in a symbolic occupation of a local branch of Deutsche Bank, demanding them to stop financing RWE’s destructive business.

In addition, there has been a wave of solidarity statements from around the world: The Colombian Women group “Mujeres Guerreras de la Sierra Colombia“ sent a video message. Climate activists from Africa, Bhutan and Mexico posted solidarity pictures on Twitter.

The extraction and use of coal in Germany is heating up the climate crisis which is threatening the livelihoods of millions of people around the world. In order to stop the evictions and the clearing of the forest, we need to keep up the pressure on the German and Northrhine Westphalian governments as well as on RWE over the coming weeks. Let’s show them that this is not a national issue, but a global one! Are you going to join?

There are also many other ways in which you can show your solidarity with the struggle to save Hambi and keep dirty coal in the ground where it belongs:

  • Take a picture of yourself with the words #HambiBleibt (Hambi Stays) and post it on social media, to help make the struggle visible across the world.
  • Organise an action during the day of solidarity with Hambi, this Sunday 30 September. Here are some ideas and information.
  • Come to the Hambach forest and join the resistance. Demonstrations will take place on 6 October, and an Ende Gelände mass action in planned for 25-28 October. Here’s how.

Together we will make sure that all fossil fuels are left in the ground and climate justice becomes a reality. Stay strong.

Superforest,Climate Change

via 350.org – Movement Dispatches and Climate News http://350.org

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