Privileged Rich Rocker Paul McCartney Can’t Understand Climate Denial

Privileged Rich Rocker Paul McCartney Can’t Understand Climate Denial

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Paul McCartney, who rose to fame in the 1960s as a member of The Beatles, has expressed his frustration at our failure to heed the climate message, by writing a song aimed at President Trump and other “climate deniers”.

Paul McCartney on handling crowds, and why he calls Donald Trump “the mad captain”

By Mark Savage
BBC Music reporter
13 September 2018

But the album’s angriest moment comes on Despite Repeated Warnings – a diatribe about climate change deniers, with a lyric that couldn’t be more timely or relevant: “Those who shout the loudest/May not always be the smartest.”

“People who deny climate change… I just think it’s the most stupid thing ever,” says the star.

“So I just wanted to make a song that would talk about that and basically say, ‘Occasionally, we’ve got a mad captain sailing this boat we’re all on and he is just going to take us to the iceberg [despite] being warned it’s not a cool idea.’”

That mad captain, could it be anyone in particular?

“Well, I mean obviously it’s Trump but there’s plenty of them about. He’s not the only one.”

Read more:

Click here for a sound only interview with McCartney talking about his new song.

People like McCartney in my opinion epitomise the kind of out of touch “Champagne socialists” who look down on the deplorables, who don’t understand ordinary people’s reluctance to embrace hardship, expensive green energy and personal sacrifice, so he and his friends can fly about on private jets telling the world how wonderful they feel that we made the “right” choice.

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