The People Are Rising

The People Are Rising

What amazing scenes we are seeing all across the world today.

With over 900 events, in 95 countries on all 7 continents #RiseForClimate is everywhere!

From rallies, to art installations, to occupations, to prayer meetings, to concerts, to school activities, to hologram protections and many more. People are showing just how creative, powerful and beautiful this movement is.

Here are just some of the highlights as the sun rose across the Pacific, Asia, Africa and Europe today:


Now our attention turns to the Americas where there will be events in all 50 states of the US including our anchor event in San Francisco where tens of thousands of people are expected to march for Climate, Jobs and Justice.

And across Latin America communities directly impacted from fossil fuel projects are marching, rallying, performing, and painting murals demanding and end to fossil fuels.

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It might not be too late to join an event near you. Find them all at

And don’t forget to spread the word and invite your friends to be a part of this movement that is showing what real climate leadership looks like.

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Superforest,Climate Change

via – Movement Dispatches and Climate News

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