IUFRO News Vol. 47, Double Issue 7/8, early September 2018

IUFRO News Vol. 47, Double Issue 7/8, early September 2018


In July 2018, at the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), the outcome of the comprehensive assessment carried out by the IUFRO-led Global Forest Expert Panel on Forests and Water was successfully presented at a side event and shared widely through a variety of media. The resulting report, Policy Brief and related information are available on the IUFRO-GFEP website: https://www.iufro.org/science/gfep/forests-and-water-panel/report/ 

This issue of IUFRO News includes a series of interesting meeting reports, such as the one from the 2018 Alpine Forest Genomics meeting in Slovenia. The meeting organized by AForGeN (Alpine Forest Genomics Network), a network of scientists from Europe and the US who share an interest in the genomic resources of high mountain forests, took place in Slovenia together with IUFRO Working Party 2.04.11, and focused on four major topics: Botanics and Hybridization; Demographic History and Evolution; Traits and Environment; Transcriptomics.

Also learn about the "Reforestation Challenges" meeting in Belgrade, Serbia (Scientific Summary 149 https://ift.tt/2NiUSaY), read a blog entry about the International Knowledge-Sharing Workshop "Best Practices for Implementing Forest Landscape Restoration in South Asia" (http://blog.iufro.org/), and find out about meetings on green cities, forest engineering innovations, and protective forests. Of course, the newsletter also presents a series of interesting announcements of publications, positions, courses and meetings.

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