The Atlantic: President Trump’s Fault Other Countries are Missing Their Paris Agreement Goals

The Atlantic: President Trump’s Fault Other Countries are Missing Their Paris Agreement Goals

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to The Atlantic President Trump’s climate leadership will “devastate the Earth”.

The Global Rightward Shift on Climate Change


President Trump may be leading the rich, English-speaking world to scale back environmental policies.

Last Thursday, Malcolm Turnbull was the prime minister of Australia. By the end of this week, he’ll be just another guy in Sydney.

It points to an emerging pattern: Moderate national leaders—on both the center-left and center-right—in some of the world’s richest and most advanced countries are finding it far easier to talk about climate change than to actually fight it.

At a basic level, this pattern holds up, well, everywhere. Every country except the United States supports the Paris Agreement on climate change. But no major developed country is on track to meet its Paris climate goals, according to the Climate Action Tracker, an independent analysis produced by three European research organizations. Even Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom—where right-wing governments have made combatting climate change a national priority—seem likely to miss their goals.

Simply put: This kind of failure, writ large, would devastate Earth in the century to come. The world would blow its stated goal of limiting atmospheric temperature rise. Heatwaves might regularly last for six punishing weeks, sea levels could soar by feet in a few short decades, and certain fragile ecosystems—like the delicate Arctic permafrost or the kaleidoscopic plenty of coral reefs—would disappear from the planet entirely.

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The part I don’t get, isn’t green energy supposed to be cheaper than coal? Aren’t green jobs supposed to be a net economic benefit?

Surely the solution to this backsliding is for countries which have embraced climate action for the last few decades to show the world how much that climate action has improved their economies, to inspire the USA and other rich nations to follow their lead regardless of what President Trump wants.

Do I need a /sarc tag?

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