How Are Forest Service Timber Targets Set?

How Are Forest Service Timber Targets Set?

From the 2018 Q-1to Q3 Cut and Sold Report

This post is in the interest of a topic Jon brought up here.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue raised annual timber production targets for the Los Padres National Forest from 200,000 cubic feet of wood in 2017 to 400,000 cubic feet this year.

One of the more useful things we can do on this blog is to help increase transparency to the public. Now the last time I worked in Timber Management was in Region 5 and I left in 1991, that is, 27 or so years ago. At the time, I worked on the Eldorado NF. Even then, the Cleveland was not known as a timber forest.

Here’s what I would like to ask the former (or current) timber folks on this blog (if you have experience but it might not be typical, that’s still OK, I’m interested in how it usually works and how different it can be from the usual). If you don’t feel comfortable answering as a comment, you can send answers to me at terraveritas at gmail.

1) How are timber targets set in D.C.? (all the way from Congressional timber appropriations to Regional targets)
2) How do Regions set forest timber targets (assuming that Regions get timber targets)?
3) Do green sales and salvage sales have different targets?
4) Does the FS have a website where the public can see forest targets and look at them over time?
5) I’m assuming that targets come with $, so do elected officials get involved in this process?
6) Who else if anyone, outside the FS is involved?
7) How is the Department of Agriculture involved (do they care above the Undersecretary level? Does the Undersecretary herself/himself actually care about Regional targets or just the whole enchilada and that the FS can meet the targets as a whole?).
8) Is there a way to examine Forest targets and accomplishments in one place (a national table for each year that shows each Forest, its target and accomplishments)?
9) How are the numbers in the cut and sold report related to targets? See the cut and sold numbers I found here and posted in the image above, don’t seem to be related to the targets quoted (400K ccf vs. 96 for three of the four quarters?).

If others have questions, please put in the comments and maybe we can get someone to answer these questions.


via A New Century of Forest Planning

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