The Costs of Managing Recreation Sites

The Costs of Managing Recreation Sites

A little insight on the costs of managing recreation sites…. Helps people understand why the USFS and other agencies charge day-use fees.It’s not just human waste, but dog-doo, too, and the doo-bags provided at trailheads. (Why do so many dog walkers dutifully bag their pet’s poop and then leave the bags by the side of the trail?)

Excerpt from Greenwire, “Jump in visitors creates smelly problem in Mont. forest

Published: Monday, August 13, 2018

Rising numbers of visitors to Custer Gallatin National Forest in Montana are creating a poop problem, as officials look for cost-effective ways to deal with more and more human waste.

The forest has spent more than twice as much this year on pumping out toilets and having the waste taken away as it did in 2013. The total costs for this year are expected to reach $85,000, said Beartooth Ranger District outdoor recreation planner Jeff Gildehaus.

“It’s something really unanticipated how fast the costs have gone up,” Gildehaus said. “It cuts into other things, like hiring people or buying supplies.”

The forest might increase campground fees to make up for the added expense, Gildehaus said.


via A New Century of Forest Planning

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