“Fire-prone area of Kalmiopsis ablaze again”

“Fire-prone area of Kalmiopsis ablaze again”


From the Eugene Register-Guard: “Fire-prone area of Kalmiopsis ablaze again.”

“They are using some of the old lines from the Chetco as well as the Biscuit fire,” said Katy O’Hara, public information officer for the Klondike and Natchez fires.

The Klondike fire is burning within the boundaries of the 500,000-acre 2002 Biscuit Fire and on the edge of the Chetco Bar Fire, a 192,000-acre conflagration that rocked the region last year. The area was also the site of the 150,000-acre Silver Fire in 1987, which like the others was ignited by lightning.

In the years since the Biscuit Fire, light vegetation that is extremely flammable has sprouted, providing abundant fuel for the Klondike, which doubled in size last week.


via A New Century of Forest Planning https://ift.tt/YeNBM9

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