Climate Putdown: “Are we here to Elect a Governor or Elect a Scientist?”

Climate Putdown: “Are we here to Elect a Governor or Elect a Scientist?”

Pennsylvania Governor Candidate Scott Wagner

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

What do you say to someone who throws a baseless accusation of fossil fuel corruption in a public forum? GOP Governor Candidate for Pennsylvania Scott Wagner‘s gentle putdown of a young activist has gone viral, with liberals expressing shock that an experienced political candidate might call a teenage climate activist “young and naive”.

‘Young and naive’ teen to GOP candidate: You don’t need to be a scientist, but must know science

She has a name, but for the last two days she’s been known as the “young and naive” woman who asked a question during a town hall with a Republican candidate for governor.

Rose Strauss insists she’s not the one who was naive Wednesday evening, though she can’t argue 18 years old is young.

By not addressing climate change, Scott Wagner is more naive than she’ll ever be, she said.

During a town hall near Philadelphia two days ago, Strauss said the GOP hopeful for Pennsylvania governor proved his naivete when he said, “Are we here to elect a governor or elect a scientist? Okay? I’m here to be the governor.”

His response was: “Well, I appreciate you being here. You’re 18 years old. You know, you’re a little young and naive. But are we here to elect a governor or elect a scientist? Okay? I’m here to be the governor,” he continued. “I appreciate – and I understand – the question. But I have one for you, Rose.”

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The following is a video of the exchange;

Children and teenagers often take climate change more seriously than adults, because they really are young and naive.

Greens have been targeting children for indoctrination for a long time. In my opinion taking advantage of kids this way is cruel, but politically it can be a very effective strategy.

Adults are less influenced by climate propaganda, because we have had more time to notice that most climate activists are utter hypocrites. Very few climate activists behave as if climate is a serious issue. Whether you’re talking about gigantic fly-in climate conferences, the competition amongst academics to rack up the most air miles, the private jets, (or fleets of jets, in the case of Richard Branson), the seaside villas (rising sea levels anyone?), the behaviour of our climate heroes just doesn’t square with their climate message.

The breathtakingly flamboyant high energy lifestyles of most of our wealthy climate “leaders” makes a total mockery of their demands that the rest of us cut back for the sake of the planet.

Teenagers like Rose, the young woman who challenged Scott Wagner, might have “studied” environmental science for a few years, but they have a lot to learn about how the real world works.

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