UK Protests President Trump the “Climate Vandal” – But a Big Pro-Trump Rally was Banned

UK Protests President Trump the “Climate Vandal” – But a Big Pro-Trump Rally was Banned

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

British mainstream media paint a picture of almost universal support for climate action and overwhelming public hostility towards President Trump. But this is not the complete story.

Trump UK protests: Why environmental groups are protesting ‘climate vandal’ US president

‘Those who are already vulnerable and powerless are suffering the most under the climate-denier-in-chief’

Josh Gabbatiss
Science Correspondent

As tens of thousands gathered in London to protest the visit of Donald Trump, among them were protesters calling out the US president’s less than exemplary record on the environment.

Branding Mr Trump a “climate wrecker” and a “climate vandal”, green groups object particularly to his withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement – a move scientists say has put global security at risk.

“It does often get lost in the more immediate human rights abuses, but if Trump succeeds in derailing international climate action the consequences of that are going to be unthinkable,” Claire James from the Campaign against Climate Change told The Independent.

“The planet is really at a tipping point at the moment. Scientists are warning ever more urgently that we need to act, and we don’t have time to hang around while Trump tries a last ditch effort to rescue fossil fuels.”

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who has presided over a massive surge in violent crime and terrorism, and whom President Trump has repeatedly publicly criticised, just suppressed a large pro Trump rally by threatening to arrest anyone who showed up.

‘Free Speech Is Dead’ – Police in Khan’s London BAN Pro-Trump Rally at U.S. Embassy

Jack Montgomery
14 Jul 2018

Police in Sadiq Khan’s London have used the Public Order Act to prevent a rally in support of U.S. President Donald Trump outside the American embassy, despite permitting a large, ill-tempered anti-Trump rally on Friday.

Protestors attending the ‘Welcome Trump’ event had planned to gather outside the embassy and march from there to Whitehall, where they would have joined in with a separate ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ event in support of the activist and independent journalist who was recently imprisoned for contempt of court after reporting on a grooming gang trial.

But the Metropolitan Police Force, which answers to a large extent to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, used the Public Order Act to impose a raft of restrictions on both groups of protesters which made this impossible — despite allowing far larger anti-Trump protests at which at least six people were arrested to go ahead on Saturday, with demonstrators carrying signs emblazoned with harsh profanity and messages such as “Die Trump Die”.

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Why would anyone use their political authority to suppress a peaceful political rally to welcome President Trump to Britain? Why would those same authorities tolerate violent green anti-Trump protests?

What the British establishment is desperate to conceal and suppress, in my opinion, is the scale of the populist British uprising. British swamp creatures don’t want anyone, including Britons themselves, to learn just how many people in the UK admire President Trump’s heroic effort to drain the Washington Swamp.

My evidence is the number of people who voted Brexit. In 2016 the majority of Britons, over seventeen million people voted to leave the European Union, despite the utmost efforts by greens and establishment politicians to terrify the British public into voting for the UK to remain part of the European Union.

The response from the British establishment has been nothing short of brutal. Britain is being repeatedly rocked by increasingly heavy handed efforts by the establishment to keep the green left nexus in power, and to defy the will of the British People by retaining strong ties with the deep green European Union. Efforts range from intimidating journalists, through imprisonment and blatant judicial mistreatment of a journalist who opposes government policy, to this latest outrage, the casual suppression of a peaceful British Trump supporter rally.

A few years ago, actions like the suppression of a peaceful welcome march in support of the President of a close ally would have been unthinkable. Today British government suppression of free speech and freedom of assembly is almost unremarkable, against the growing list of outrageous political attacks against what Britons used to think were their freedoms.

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