Trump’s SCOTUS nominee appears to be a climate skeptic

Trump’s SCOTUS nominee appears to be a climate skeptic

WUWT reader Joel O’Bryan writes:

Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Judge Brett Cavanaugh from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, has a long judicial history of dissenting on not just the CO2 endangerment finding by the EPA, but on Obama’s entire environmental regulatory agenda when those cases made it to him as an appellate judge.

For example, the LA Times writes,

“Kavanaugh was skeptical of several of the Obama administration’s environmental regulations, including efforts to limit greenhouse gases and hazardous air pollutants.”

And here from page 32 of his dissenting opinion on

“KAVANAUGH, Circuit Judge, dissenting from the denial of rehearing en banc:

This case is plainly one of exceptional importance. A decision in either direction will have massive real-world consequences. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce describes the EPA regulations at issue here as “the most burdensome, costly, far-reaching program ever adopted by a United States regulatory agency.” Petition for Rehearing En Banc at 1. On the other hand, EPA issued these regulations to help address global warming, a policy issue of major long-term significance to the United States. Put simply, the economic and environmental policy stakes are very high.”

Reference available at:

Superforest,Climate Change

via Watts Up With That?

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