LEAKED: A look inside the ClimateWorks Foundation $66 million campaign to foist climate laws on local governments

LEAKED: A look inside the ClimateWorks Foundation $66 million campaign to foist climate laws on local governments


This document, from 2016 is part of the cache of John Podesta emails (campaign manager for Hillary Clinton), is a meeting packet for an NGO called The ClimateWorks Foundation. They say this on their web page:

Climate change threatens ecosystems, societies, and economies. These challenges require innovative responses and insights. Using the power of collaboration, ClimateWorks Foundation mobilizes philanthropy to solve the climate crisis and ensure a prosperous future.

And on their BOD page, U.N. climate crusader Christiana Figueres, who was executive Secretary of the UNFCCC from 2010-2016 along with Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta among others; an unholy alliance in my opinion.

In this leaked document (via Wikileaks) we see a list of billionaire foundations driving this NGO, who seem to be acting as if they are oblivious to the rule of law or domestic governments, working to create a global cap and trade system and funding a flurry of other environmental NGOs to change local policy.

One item from the document shows a session titled:

Cities as a Lever for Change Post‐Paris

As reported on page 80, they were helped by McKinsey and Company, the most influential management consulting firm in the world, which got a $42.4 million contract to help make this happen.

According to the budget document on page 170, the total 2016 budget for ClimateWorks Foundations was a whopping $66.6 million dollars! And alarmists claim climate skeptics are well-moneyed, sheesh!

Looking through the document. this seems like a RICO type of scenario to me. They are highly organized, and well-funded, where they planned to use all that money to influence local and state governments to enact climate laws, carbon trading, and put their tendrils even deeper into the deep state.

For example, here on page 20, they plan to influence California’s electricity grid. Shades of ENRON and rolling blackouts where the grid was crippled so greedmongers could eke out more money in trading. Here, they want to control virtually all of the western states, in one giant green monopoly:

Mr. McElwee described the grant to the Energy Foundation to support the U.S. Western grid integration. The grant to the Energy Foundation would support analysis for a recommendation for integrating the California Independent System Operation (CAISO) with a six‐state utility, following opportunities opened up by recent California legislation, and potentially leading to increased balancing of renewables across the region. The board discussed the goals and tactics of the proposal.

Just think what we’d be seeing if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency.

Here is the entire 208 page document, feel free to browse and post items of interest in comments.


h/t to “JB”.


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