Forest Digest: June 10, 2018

Forest Digest: June 10, 2018

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Check out what’s happened this past week in forestry news! 

The moral calculus of climate change – MIT News  

Students from MIT took part in a philosophy class that required students to explore the implications of global warming. Through a game known as the “Prisoner’s Dilemma,” the students were challenged to create new solutions for climate change.   

Why climate change hits poorest countries hardest – Axios  

A new report from World Bank Report states that countries who are typically poorer are more likely to feel the impact of climate change sooner and more intensely.  

Hawaii now has the most ambitious climate law in the United States – ThinkProgress  

With a new bill passing in Hawaii, the state aims to become carbon neutral by 2045. This is accompanied by two other climate bills; one requires the state to use carbon offsets to restore state forests; the other requires that sea level rise be factored into new building projects.  

Surprising resurgence of red spruce likely result of cleaner air and warmer winters – EurekAlert! 

Research from the University of Vermont suggests a resurgence of red spruce is due to cleaner air standards and a warmer climate.  

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