Sierra Club: “Cutting Trees to Save the Birds”

Sierra Club: “Cutting Trees to Save the Birds”

I was surprised to see this in Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club:

Cutting Trees to Save the Birds: How managing Maine’s “baby bird factory” can save eastern songbirds

“Gallo [a wildlife biologist] explains that healthy forests include a variety of vegetation. A dense understory allows birds to hide from predators, while open-and-closed canopies fit the different needs of many bird species. Standing dead wood provides cavities for nesting and attracts insects that birds feed on, while gaps in the trees mimic natural disturbances, allowing seedlings to sprout. “

This isn’t directly related to federal forest management, but if the Sierra Club is touting active forest management on private lands, maybe they’ll come around to accepting work on federal lands.

“The Forest Stewards Guild is now working to adapt and bring bird-centered forest programs to Rhode Island and North Carolina, said Amanda Mahaffey, the Northeast region director. They’re also looking to the Great Lakes states and Oregon. “


via A New Century of Forest Planning

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