IUFRO News Vol. 47, Issue 5, early June 2018

IUFRO News Vol. 47, Issue 5, early June 2018



IUFRO News Vol. 47, Issue 5, early June 2018

This issue reports about workshops and meetings on wind measurement, managerial economics, non-destructive wood evaluation and more; it lists new publications and upcoming meetings and offers many opportunities for participation…

Read about the Tree Motion and Wind Measurement Workshop in Roskilde, Denmark, sponsored by IUFRO WP 8.03.06 – Impact of wind on forests, which addressed the needs of meteorologists and tree/forest biologists for accurate and appropriate measurements of the wind and of tree movement.

Learn about outcomes of the conference on Sustainable Forest Management for the Future – The Role of Managerial Economics and Accounting on 10-12 May 2018, in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting was co-sponsored by IUFRO Units 4.05.00, 4.05.01, 4.05.02, and 4.05.03.

Find out what was discussed at the technical workshop on New Advances in Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood in Beijing, China, co-sponsored by IUFRO RG 5.01.00 – Wood and fiber quality, and WP 5.01.09 – Non-destructive evaluation of wood and wood-based materials. 

Get informed about IUFRO’s role at UNFF13, see who is the first candidate to start the IUFRO-EFI Young Scientists Initiative, find opportunities for submitting journal papers, and listen to the latest IUFRO Division 3 podcast episodes.

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