“Get used to it” – The New York Green Energy Champion who Runs Australia’s Energy Market

“Get used to it” – The New York Green Energy Champion who Runs Australia’s Energy Market


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova – Anyone waiting for sanity to prevail will be reassured that the person who helped Governor Cuomo transform New York’s energy grid is now applying her talents to Australia’s energy needs.

Zibelman on changing energy market: “Get used to it”

By Sophie Vorrath
on 9 May 2018

Australian Energy Market Operator chief Audrey Zibelman isn’t given to making grand statements.

But at the Australian Energy Week 2018 conference in Melbourne on Wednesday, she had a subtle message for those politicians, industry groups and media outlets still struggling to come to terms with the clean energy transition.

“I would say that (something) that would be really critical for all of us, is that we could all agree in Australia, that when we say it’s changing – it is changing,” Zibelman.

“So whether it’s 30 per cent renewables, or 40 per cent, or 60 per cent, or 30 per cent DER (distributed energy), or 40 per cent or 50 per cent, all of that is vastly different than what we’ve had before.

“So we need to to adapt to that change and we need to make sure that it happens in a way that benefits the consumer.”

Zibelman’s comments comes as AEMO prepares a landmark document – the Integrated System Plan – which it hopes will provide a template for planing and investment in coming decades.

Read more: https://reneweconomy.com.au/zibelman-changing-energy-market-get-used-56736/

Back in 2017, Audrey explained that ours is the last generation which can do anything about climate change.

Power grid head Audrey Zibelman: the good news about sustainable energy

The new head of Australia’s power grid is drawing on her experience in the US to make our electricity supply more reliable and sustainable. Melissa Fyfe hears an energising message.

It’s Friday, 4pm, and I’m looking at a pleasant woman sitting behind a black desk. She’s the gatekeeper for the opulent Lui Bar, atop Melbourne’s Rialto skyscraper, where entry is “at the discretion of management”. She looks at me and I nervously do a stocktake – is this outfit professional enough? – but she directs me to a slick black glass lift for an ear-popping 234-metre ascent.

She insists there’s been no push-back to her ideas from those who run large fossil-fuel power plants. “I think the industry recognises the business model needs to be changed,” she says while rearranging the table, moving the nuts, which she’s heavily favoured over the olives (“Get these away from me!”).

As a long-time observer of Australia’s energy set-up, I’m sceptical of this, but she’s optimistic. “I believe we’re the last generation on earth who can really do something about climate change. And the good thing is that technology has evolved so that we don’t have to worry about sacrificing economics for good environmental policy.”

Read more: https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/power-grid-head-audrey-zibelman-the-good-news-about-sustainable-energy-20170529-gwffcz.html

What can I say – thank you for lending us all that talent, but if America needs Audrey to return to the USA we Australians shall understand.

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