DESPERATION – Liberals demanding Pruitt’s resignation over Pell meeting

DESPERATION – Liberals demanding Pruitt’s resignation over Pell meeting

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Liberals are pressing for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s resignation, because he met with Cardinal George Pell to discuss Climate Change.

George Pell Secretly Met A Top US Politician In The Vatican To Discuss Climate Change


Three weeks before he was charged with historic child sexual abuse, cardinal George Pell met up with controversial US politician Scott Pruitt to talk about climate change.

Pell is, of course, the most senior Catholic in Australia, and a highly controversial figure for his ultra-conservative views (plus the aforementioned charges). Pruitt is no stranger to controversy either. Appointed by Trump to head the US Environmental Protection Agency, he has rolled back regulations designed to protect the environment and faces a number of serious questions about ethics and alleged conflicts of interest.

One of Pruitt’s former staffers told The New York Times the EPA boss wanted the meeting erased from official schedules because he did not want to face scrutiny for visiting an alleged sex offender. Despite this, Pruitt claims he didn’t know about the allegations against Pell at the time the meeting was held.If you see a

At the meeting, Pell and Pruitt — who were joined by others — discussed plans to set up a debate on climate change.

“The president is pleased with the job that he’s doing as the administrator. However, the issues that have been raised, that I think you guys are all familiar with — they have raised some concerns,” White House spokesperson Raj Shah told reporters on Air Force One on Thursday.

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We don’t know exactly what charges Cardinal Pell is facing. He admits “putting the Church first”.

… When discussing the church abuse scandal Cardinal Pell admitted he had put the church above the victims at times, but he wanted Australians to give the church and himself a fair go.

“I hope they will give the Catholic Church a fair go. I hope that they will understand the truth of the station,” he told Bolt.

“I fully concede the terrible crimes that have happened.

“I’d like them to give me a fair go, everyone needs a fair go, certainly the Catholic Church is entitled to that.

“I’m a Christian, I’m a priest. Now I might have put the Church first for a while rather than the victims, but I’m certainly not here to put myself first, we’re not into that.” …

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In the past I have praised fellow Australian Cardinal Pell because of his climate skepticism, but if Cardinal Pell let down or hurt children in his care I will join those demanding he face justice. I know people who were victims of child abuse, lets just say I take Matthew 18:6 very literally.

But Cardinal Pell has denied the charges. And Pell is not Scott Pruitt – as far as I know Pruitt himself is not facing charges of sexual misconduct.

I’m utterly disgusted that anyone would attempt to twist the tragic mistreatment of Australian child abuse victims into a reason to fire Scott Pruitt. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had absolutely nothing to do with the suffering of those poor children.

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