British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Fails – Goalpost moved

British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Fails – Goalpost moved

Andrew Blackstone writes in WUWT Tips and Notes:

This may be of interest to some – British Columbia has failed in its quest for Carbon Tax Nirvana. Today it was whispered across the CBC airwaves that the British Columbia Carbon Tax (implemented in 2008) has failed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the province which have been rising since 2010.

This has required a new legislated target reduction date that has been moved with very little fanfare from 2020 to 2030.

The B.C. government has dropped its greenhouse gas reduction target, blaming the previous Liberal government for failing to do enough to meet the goal set in 2007.

On Monday, the NDP announced the 2020 target was being replaced with a 40 per cent reduction of 2007 levels by 2030, as part of a new Climate Change Accountability Act.

“The previous government, after stalling on sustained climate action for several years, admitted they could not meet their 2020 target, and those targets are repealed in this act,” said a statement released by Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy George Heyman.

Green leader gives endorsement

The new targets were supported by Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, as part of his agreement to support the NDP on confidence votes, the statement said.

As recently as January, Weaver had promised to pull his support for the NDP government if Premier John Horgan continued to pursue the development of LNG projects that would threaten B.C.’s ability to meet GHG targets.

For your viewing pleasure:

Superforest,Climate Change

via Watts Up With That?

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