Forest Service EADM Workshop: Region 9 Summary

Forest Service EADM Workshop: Region 9 Summary

I’m going to start going through the write-ups for each Regional EADM Workshop and see what we can find in terms of issues and ideas for improvement.

I started with Region 9, linked here, and noticed that our own Tony Erba was involved. Hopefully, he will weigh in with his own thoughts. For the purpose of this discussion, I have taken the summaries produced by NFF and selected some points. Others are welcome to add their own from the report, or from their own experience. After we go through all the Regions’ reports, we can talk about the FS has done to deal with these issues. I don’t have the whole picture of what the FS tried and how it worked, but we can piece it together from my own memories and those of others.

Here’s what I’d like to see from commenters: 1) questions or additional description and your own experiences of what I summarized, 2) interesting things I left out from the report (it’s a detailed report, so I confess that I probably missed many ideas), 3) suggestions for different categories.

Here are the current categories:

I. Same as Previous NEPA Improvement Efforts:

FS is risk averse and overdoes documents.
Lack of consistency among units.
Use of jargon
Turnover- no steady hand to guide process, time lags to find new people
Lack of staff
Staff not motivated
Not using contracting
Not good and early collaboration
FS has bad writers forest plans not decipherable
Make it easier to find projects on web

II. Potentially New:

Poor quality of, and need to share data and maps
Disconnected decisionmaking from communities
Excessive use of EAs when NRCS doesn’t need to for the same kind of work.
Partner resources underutilized
Small non-controversial projects not getting done.
Special Use (SUP) authorizations are slow
Inaccurate and inconsistent data in databases and analyses

III. Not Related to EADM but Still Concerns:
Stop closing roads and trails
Broken web links
Lack of signage at picnic tables and trailheads website difficult to navigate

IV. Improvement Suggestions:
Annual Meeting for better communication on project planning and status
Make better use of partners to do work.
Sustainable Forest Certification to reduce litigation.


via A New Century of Forest Planning

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