Celebrating Earth Month 2018

Celebrating Earth Month 2018


April 6th, 2018|Tags: |0 Comments

This Earth Month, we’re celebrating the many milestones we’ve already completed this year — and buckling down on reaching our overall planting goal of 3 million trees.

In 2018, we’re protecting and preserving over 4,000 acres of forest land in 18 states and four countries. We’re committed to 31 forest restoration projects that will help restore wildland forests lost to pests, wildfire, deforestation and climate change. We’re working in over 10 cities to create greener, more sustainable urban environments. And we’re helping develop and advance policy that helps protect forests against climate change and deforestation. That’s a lot to be excited about!

We’re happy to share our work and celebrate the forests we love with you this month, but we can’t do this work alone. We need support from members like you. Becoming a monthly supporter of American Forests is a meaningful way to commit to the protection and reforestation of wildland and urban forests — for people, for wildlife, for the planet. A monthly gift of any size makes an impact! Join us in Earth Month 2018 and make a lasting impact.

Credit: Brett Whaley

To thank our supporters for their continued dedication to our forests, American Forests will plant 200 jack pines in Michigan in recognition of the first 50 supporters that sign up to give monthly. That’s 10,000 trees that will filter drinking water, clean the air, mitigate the effects of climate change, and protect wildlife habitat — including the endangered Kirtland’s warbler! We’re excited to announce that the Kirtland’s warbler is being considered for delisting under the Endangered Species Act, due in part to our work in the jack pine forests of Michigan. But our efforts can’t stop now. These rare birds rely on young jack pine trees, so we must continue to preserve their habitat.

Become a monthly donor to American Forests by April 30, and we will plant 200 trees in recognition of your commitment to forests. This Earth Month, you can help us protect forests for the future.

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