IUFRO News Vol. 47, Double Issue 2/3, March 2018

IUFRO News Vol. 47, Double Issue 2/3, March 2018


On 20-22 February 2018 the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) held an international conference focused on "Working across Sectors to Halt Deforestation and Increase Forest Area – from Aspiration to Action". The conference also highlighted the important role of research in supporting the development of evidence-based policies and implementation frameworks for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 15 "Life on Land". IUFRO participated actively in this conference.

IUFRO hopes to enhance the quality of its services to members with the introduction of a Thematic Networking Manager at IUFRO Headquarters. The position aims to further increase communication with IUFRO members and officeholders, and to facilitate the establishment and implementation of thematic networking projects within IUFRO and with partners. We are very pleased to announce that Ms. Janice Burns, former IFSA-IUFRO Joint Position Holder, is taking on the role of IUFRO Thematic Networking Manager.

We are looking forward to celebrating the International Day of Forests! This year activities will focus on Forests and Sustainable Cities. Find out more at http://www.fao.org/international-day-of-forests/en/  and follow #IntlForestDay!


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