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ClimateFwd_2018_2_7The New York Times continues to send out its little climate “newsletter” alerting the public to the most important news about the climate, every two weeks.

I look forward to it — because very little in the way of main stream media news about the climate offers so much comic relief.  The first thing — it makes me laugh every time I come to it —  is the ClimateFwd: newsletter’s  editor.  She is Kendra Pierre-Louis and always includes her Twitty-name:  @KendraWrites — the link goes to her official page where she subtitles herself as “Kendra “Gloom is My Beat” Pierre-Louis” — honest — you can’t make stuff like this up.  Every time I see her name in print, I think of this and laugh out loud.

She is great — well, she makes me laugh and that’s a good thing.  In keeping with the Editorial Narrative on Climate Change at the NY Times, which calls for everything to have a climate change hook and to tell the world how bad things are because of, you know, Climate Change is already happening, Ms. “Gloom is My Beat” gives us a climate change story about the Winter Olympics.

It features a US Olympic Cross-country skier — “Jessie Diggins is a cross-country skier on the American women’s team and a favorite to win a medal at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. …. Diggins is also an advocate for climate action. I interviewed her to understand more about why she believes winter is worth protecting. “

Jessie says    “…in places like Davos, Switzerland, where they normally have three feet of snow, they’ve been snow farming and saving it for the next year because they don’t even count on getting snow anymore. I’ve spoken to people in Switzerland who are losing their jobs because winter’s going away.”   And goes on to say “….saving winter is something I believe in. It just breaks my heart because this is such a cool sport, and winter is so amazing and beautiful and I feel like we’re actually really at risk of losing it. And I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world where they’ve never experienced snow because we weren’t responsible enough.” [I’ve added emphasis. — kh]

Three  things break my heart:

1)  That the NY Times’ editorial staff apparently do not realize just how silly publishing things like this make them look to educated, knowledgeable readers.

2)  That the ClimateFwd: editor, Ms. Pierre-Louis, apparently doesn’t read her own newspaper (maybe doesn’t read any newspaper?)  or she never would have included the Davos quotes.

3)  That a young American sportswoman can have been so poorly educated in high school that she does not, seemingly,  know what causes the seasons and can be brainwashed into thinking that “winter is going away” and that there is any chance whatever that her kids will “grow up in a world where they’ve never experienced snow”.

Point 1:  This is the third edition of ClimateFwd: and they have each been just as silly as the first.

Point 2:  NY Times, JAN. 22, 2018 (almost three weeks ago),  Heads of State and C.E.O.s in Davos Beware: 6 Feet of Snow in 6 Days

[Hey, give her a break, Mr. Hansen, maybe she reads the Washington Post. ]

Washington Post, 23 Jan 2018, Heavy snow and avalanches strand thousands at ski villages across the Alps

[Ok, maybe Reuters?]

Thomson-Reuters, 23 Jan 18, Heavy snow buries the global elite at Davos summit

[I give up.]

Good, because then there is this breaking news — Cold weather turning skis to garbage in Pyeongchang

Point 3:  NASA Space Place: What causes the seasons?  (yes, this site is for kids…but it is easy to understand, even if one doesn’t read very well yet.)

All of this makes me want to donate vast sums (of which I have none, btw) to foundations that are trying to sort out the US educational system, so our grandkids never have to experience the kind of cognitive meltdown exhibited by ClimateFwd:.

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Author’s Comment Policy:

This is an OPINION piece — so I won’t discuss hard science issues.   It is meant to be amusing at the expense of NY Times — which used to be a newspaper and used to hire journalists.

I will actually make that donation as soon as the Koch Brothers or Big Oil  sends me a nice fat check.

If you want to speak to me personally, and not just make a general comment, start with “Kip…” so I can be sure to see it.

This OpEd is not meant to be taken too seriously.

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