Alleged Climate Policy Related Deaths: Former Aussie PM to Sue

Alleged Climate Policy Related Deaths: Former Aussie PM to Sue

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Former Aussie PM Kevin Rudd has announced he will sue the government owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation, over accusations he ignored safety warnings about his green home insulation initiative.

Kevin Rudd suing ABC over home insulation report in Cabinet Files

Allegation he ignored warnings of risks to safety of installers ‘is a lie’, former PM says

The former prime minister Kevin Rudd is suing the ABC over a report that claimed he was warned of “critical risks” of his government’s home insulation program before the deaths of four young installers in 2010.

The ABC reported on Wednesday that Rudd and the senior Labor MPs Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan and Lindsay Tanner were warned in a report to cabinet in 2009 that their national rollout of subsidised home insulation – part of an economic stimulus package – faced “critical risks”. The report emphasised it was unclear if “critical risks” referred to safety concerns.

The report was part of a series of the stories the ABC has dubbed the Cabinet Files, related to thousands of top-secret and highly classified cabinet documents found in two locked filing cabinets sold at an ex-government sale in Canberra.

On Wednesday the ABC reported that Rudd had told a royal commission into the home insulation program, in 2014, that the insulation program would have been delayed if cabinet had been warned of the safety risks.

“Right through until February 2010 … each of the monthly reports said that the Energy Efficiency program of the government was on track,” Rudd told the royal commission, as reported by the ABC.

Rudd was quoted in the ABC’s story rejecting any assertion that he was warned of the safety risks to installers, or failed to act on such warnings, before the deaths of the young men in 2010.

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ABC reports that ASIO, Australia’s version of the FBI, entered their offices this morning in search of the confidential files which allegedly contained the information on which the accusations were based.

In 2016 Kevin Rudd unsuccessfully applied for the post of United Nations Secretary General. Despite Kevin Rudd’s solid track record of support for green policies, Rudd’s candidacy was greeted with horror by some greens and globalists, though WUWT supported his candidacy.

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