A Message from Mayor Bill de Blasio

A Message from Mayor Bill de Blasio



This week, America’s largest city became America’s first major city to set itself on the path to divesting from Big Oil. Yes, we’re talking about New York City.

And not only that, we’re suing. We’ve filed a lawsuit against the biggest culprits that got us into the climate crisis: ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Royal Dutch Shell. We need to stop funding the fuel of yesterday, so we can have a better and stronger tomorrow.

We know other cities and states are watching us and we want them to follow with bold climate action of their own. New York City is happy to step forward, but we don’t want to stand alone.

That’s why I’m encouraging you to join the Fossil Free campaign and get your town or city to take a stand against fossil fuels. You can get started by hosting or joining a watch party this January 31st as 350.org and other movement leaders kick off this new campaign.

Here in New York City, we are planning to move about $5 billion from investments in approximately 190 companies that own fossil fuel reserves. We’re doing this because it makes sense for our portfolio – and our planet.

Our message to elected officials everywhere: it’s clear by now Big Oil isn’t going to change its stripes; it’s time to stop pretending and start divesting.

We’re also taking decisive action because of you – and all the other activists, advocates and people of good will who have been sounding alarms for years. So thank you! Together we can make a huge difference.

Tune in on Jan 31st (or get tickets if you’re in Washington D.C.) and let’s continue this fight in your city or town.

Let’s work in common cause as though our lives depend on it. Because they do.


Mayor Bill de Blasio

Superforest,Climate Change

via 350.org – Movement Dispatches and Climate News http://350.org

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